Pediatric Airway Dentistry
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No parent wants to watch their child struggle to breathe. We're right by your side to address the issue and ensure your little one can inhale, exhale, and smile with ease.

Why might my child need airway dentistry?

If your child is struggling with a compromised airway, they may not be getting enough oxygen. When your child's breathing is restricted, the body begins to think it is choking, which can cause serious symptoms. Lower oxygen levels, higher heart rate, and higher blood pressure are just a few of the many detrimental issues that could negatively impact your child's overall health. Our team will work with your child to improve their oral muscle function with lifestyle changes and corrective breathing habits. We may even provide dental appliances to help your child open the airway, allowing it to develop to its full potential. It's our goal to address the root of the issue so they can breathe with ease and go back to just being a kid.

Did you know…

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If airway dentistry treatment takes place early on in a child's life, their symptoms can significantly diminish or even disappear.

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